In 1999, we moved into a small house on a river in Maine. It’s beautiful out here. It’s quiet, peaceful, listening to the loons, watching the ospreys hunt on the river. My mom thinks we live way out in the woods, but that’s how mothers are. She lives in the suburbs outside of Cleveland. To her, we live in a wilderness! To us, we just live in Maine. Vacationland is how it’s known. It’s true.

We consciously made the choice to trade house size for ambiance. With that choice came other choices. What do we keep? What needs to go? That influences what we bring into the house. In a small house, there’s no room for beautiful things that are only beautiful. Things have to be useful as well as pretty. Those are the things I make, useful things that are beautiful on their own, but can play a part in the everyday functioning of your life. Brightly colored cotton dishtowels that actually absorb water.  Napkins so we don’t have to use paper.  Long swatches of fabric for table runners or shawls.  Hand knit socks, whose wool is sometimes dyed by Maine dyers, to keep feet warm in the winter.

My designs come from the play of colors in nature that I see as I sit at the loom and look out the window. Both bold and subtle colors run riot in my garden. My creation of practical things comes from the need to fit them into the house. riverdog design creates things at that crossroad; beautiful as well as functional. Enjoy these everyday indulgences for you and your home. Enjoy Vacationland everyday.

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